Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We can’t stand too much more America. Our finances are a wreck, and with every passing day the Obama administration gives away as much of OUR money as they possibly can. The Obama administration turns it’s back on Americans and sides with radical Islam, and let’s be honest here, there is no other kind of Islam other than RADICAL! Obama all but abandons Israel and extends a hand to Muslim leaders, and then there’s this: Obama Invites Iranian Officials to 4th of July Parties. Yeah, that’s the ticket, invite em for some hot dogs, burgers and beer. One big ol’ group hug and we can all be friends again.

I Believe.

Obama has been, almost from the moment he was elected, kissing the asses of our enemies, extending a hand in *friendship* to those that I am firmly convinced hate us and want to kill us all. I truly believe that Obama to be Muslim. This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen happen to America.
Obama Sides with the Palestinians against Israel, turning against an ally of this nation and pretty much throwing them, Israel, to the wolves.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

John Voight the only Hollywood movie star that has any balls .

John Voight the only Hollywood movie star that has any balls called Obama "wildly radical" and said his policies were "disastrous," ....... He praised Rush Limbaugh, Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove and others for working "to bring an end to this false prophet."

Friday, May 15, 2009

Michelle's $550.00 sneakers and all.

How dumb have we become? Did Barack Obama hire ‘clappers’ to fill his audience in Cairo? And how about all those BS sob stories and bringing up what we all know already, a recession is here, just repeating exaggerated talking points on how billions of jobs will be lost tomorrow and the world will come to an end if this bill doesn’t get passed right now. Barack Obama is using a scare tactic right out of the book of ‘rules for radicals’. It doesn’t mean ‘catastrophe’ for the economy if it isn’t passed right now. It means catastrophe if this bill is passed at all!

I wouldn’t have any faith in the American people as we have become so naive. Just hearing the babbling idiot tell everyone in his address tonight about him visiting all 50 states, except Alaska, as the nerds laughed in the audience. I guess because Palin is from there, or the fact that he thought the US has 57 (Islamic) states just 6 months ago.

This idiots first 30 days has been a major scam of dumb bills, crooked appointees and a welfare-pork bill, that will do nothing for the economy. As he screams in his ‘community organizer-dictator’ voice filled with anger to the slobbering drones tonight, one thing should worry you. THIS BILL IS STILL ONE PILE OF SHIT THAT WILL RUIN THE LIVES OF MANY AMERICANS FOR YEARS TO COME!

The Obama administration asked Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, to step down and he agreed... Would the brown shirts and buses show up at his home if he hadn't resigned?

Is there any precedent for this in American history? The POTUS elbows into a private corporation and *fires* the top executive: There's the door, RIck. I'm the President, and you are gone! Bye, bye!!

Government Motors will require unions to make cars - nice! We the people will have to heavily subsidize the company because nobody wants to buy substandard products. Why will they be substandard? It will be a union heaven where any incentive to be competitive will completely cease to exist because you now work for Uncle Sucker and the quality will drop to the level of a government operation where the people just don't give a crap!
Get rid of the paybacks and payoffs in the bill. ALL OF IT! Americans should be furious at Obama after that BULLSHIT speech he just made! Americans should want to hang Pelosi and Reid for this bill. What in the world are Americans thinking? This bill will do NOTHING for the economy or jobs and they know it. They will blame Bush in 3 or 4 years when this bill accomplishes nothing but skyrocketing tax increases and Jimmy Carter unemployment numbers.Okay, let me see if I have all this straight. We give millions to the bank, so they will lend us money. We give millions to the car companies so they can sell us a car and we can make payments.... We borrow money from China so we can give it to rebuild Gaza and help Iraq.

And now you have to pay for the whole world's abortions.. well, you asked for it folks, now you have it Michelle's $550.00 sneakers and all.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I mean, really! How much of this CRAP are we expected to take? Just how out of touch is that douche bag, anyway. It’s like he is either a complete dumb idiot, or he is deliberately trying to piss us Conservatives off, not to mention the rest of the true American Patriots.
I do not usually stoop to using such language but, dammit all, I am pissed off and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sarah Palin, and David Letterman

Sarah Palin is a mother, a wife, a governor, an attractive woman and down to earth. That really creeps the liberals out. To them there is something obviously wrong with her. She is not elite. She makes lunch for her brood. She never looks harried. She always smiles. She is stuck on God. She must be plastic.

Poor libs, they just don’t dare like her. She is everything they fear. This hardworking person who has a strong sense of responsibility and tells it like it is must be ground into the dirt.

And as for that nauseating creep David Letterman, where does this cheap laugh line stand in the pantheon of humor? He has proved that nothing is beneath him. He could have used an editor’s intuition and scrubbed it. Instead, he chose to “go there.” He is guilty of malice. And since this undoubtedly came from a writer, it is malice aforethought.

No, Letterman has no decency. He is a twisted puppy who has hung around for the dough long after he ceased to work at his job. He buried his creative spark long ago and has used his show as a forum for letting his personal demons romp.

There is a circle in Hell waiting for him where he will be subjected to an eternity long interview with Barbara Walters while Roseanne Barr makes fart jokes.