Friday, May 1, 2009

Sarah Palin, and David Letterman

Sarah Palin is a mother, a wife, a governor, an attractive woman and down to earth. That really creeps the liberals out. To them there is something obviously wrong with her. She is not elite. She makes lunch for her brood. She never looks harried. She always smiles. She is stuck on God. She must be plastic.

Poor libs, they just don’t dare like her. She is everything they fear. This hardworking person who has a strong sense of responsibility and tells it like it is must be ground into the dirt.

And as for that nauseating creep David Letterman, where does this cheap laugh line stand in the pantheon of humor? He has proved that nothing is beneath him. He could have used an editor’s intuition and scrubbed it. Instead, he chose to “go there.” He is guilty of malice. And since this undoubtedly came from a writer, it is malice aforethought.

No, Letterman has no decency. He is a twisted puppy who has hung around for the dough long after he ceased to work at his job. He buried his creative spark long ago and has used his show as a forum for letting his personal demons romp.

There is a circle in Hell waiting for him where he will be subjected to an eternity long interview with Barbara Walters while Roseanne Barr makes fart jokes.

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